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  • love - Wiktionary
    (uncountable) Strong affection A profound and caring affection towards someone A mother’s love is not easily shaken My husband’s love is the most important thing in my life 1674, John Milton, Paradise Lost: He on his side Leaning half-raised, with looks of cordial love Hung over her enamoured 2014, S Hidden, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic
  • love - Simple English Wiktionary
    Pronunciation: ·When someone loves another person, they feel good about the person and want the person to be happy I love Colin Mothers love their children very deeply ··The feeling of loving someone and caring for them Is my love for him a real love that will last a long time? The feeling of liking something very much I love the simple English
  • in love - Wiktionary
    (of a person or persons) enamored I think John is in love Isn't it nice to see two people in love?· (followed by with) enamored (of a person, etc) Romeo was in love with Juliet · (followed by with) (informal) very fond (of an idea, etc) I'm not exactly in love with the idea of having to start again from scratch
  • Love | Definition of Love at Dictionary. com
    Love definition, a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person See more
  • love - Wiktionary
    This translation was retrieved from the translations found at promise It may be less accurate than other entries This banner can be removed if the entry has been checked
  • Love - translation - English-Latin Dictionary - Glosbe
    Love translation in English-Latin dictionary en It is still more necessary to inculcate properly on the minds of all the moral maxims taught by Jesus Christ, so that everybody may learn to conquer himself, to curb the passions of the mind, to stifle pride, to live in obedience to authority, to love justice, to show charity towards all, to temper with Christian love the bitterness of social
  • Love - definition of love by The Free Dictionary
    Define love love synonyms, love pronunciation, love translation, English dictionary definition of love n 1 A strong feeling of affection and concern toward another person, as that arising from kinship or close friendship 2 A strong feeling of affection
  • 愛 - Wiktionary
    Usage notes [] When used for people, 愛 / 爱 usually refers to romantic love When used like this, older Mandarin speakers often describe the use of this term as overly 肉麻 (ròumá, “cheesy”) For this reason, the word 喜歡 / 喜欢 (xǐhuan, “to like”) might be used instead Using the word 喜歡 / 喜欢 (xǐhuan) literally means like, but when used in a romantic context

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