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  • love - Wiktionary
    The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions
  • love nest - Wiktionary
    2003, Sara Bliss, The Thoroughly Modern Married Girl: Staying Sensational After Saying "I Do"‎, →ISBN, page 29: You two may enter the real estate process assuming that finding a little love nest is simply a matter of spotting a dream pad, placing an offer, and picking out curtains (idiomatic, colloquial) A room, especially a bedroom or boudoir, used for sexual intercourse
  • Estate | Definition of Estate by Merriam-Webster
    An estate tax is often levied on the assets that the deceased leaves to his or her heirs Living spouses who inherit their husband wife's assets can avoid estate taxes altogether This type of transfer is known as the unlimited marital deduction However, in most other cases, non-spouse beneficiaries will be required to pay taxes on the deceased's taxable estate

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