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  • Loving Ganesh - Jai Shree Ganesha
    A Renowned Five-Jeweled Hymn by Shri Adi Sankara (798-820), with a Free-Flowing Translation by J Sethuraman I bow to Vinayaka, who, with glee, holds a half-eaten modaka in His hand, who is the ever-present means of moksha, who has the moon as an ear ornament, who protects all the worlds, who is the single leader for those who have been left leaderless (i e are lost without anybody to help
  • Ganesha - Wikipedia
    Ganesha is a popular figure in Indian art Unlike those of some deities, representations of Ganesha show wide variations and distinct patterns changing over time He may be portrayed standing, dancing, heroically taking action against demons, playing with his family as a boy, or sitting down on an elevated seat, or engaging in a range of contemporary situations
  • Our Store - Devi Mandir - Shree
    Annapurna Puja and Sahasranam App-Annapurna is the Goddess who grants nourishment on every level She is the Divine Mother who is full, complete, and perfect in food and grains This App contains the Sanskrit chants for Her worship and Her one thousand names, as well as the famous Annapurna Stotram mantra
  • Sai Baba Bhajans and text - Bhajan Texts - Prasanthi . . .
    Aajanubahum Aravindha Nethram Athmabhi Ramam Manasa Smarami (2) Bhoolokha Vaikunta Parthi Nivasam Prabhu Sai Ramam Manasa Smarami (2) I invoke in my mind, the long-armed, lotus-eyed, indweller, Rama,
  • Radio Sai Wallpapers, Ringtones, Calendars and posters
    Posted on : Apr 01, 2018 RADIO SAI RINGTONES, Wallpapers Calendars You will find in this page all of Radio Sai's special offerings - Ringtones, Alarm-tones, special audios, Wallpapers and calendars released on various occasions
  • ENGLISH BHAJANS - saidarshan. org
    A hollow flute I am in Thy hands Your breath is my sound Your movement is my flow A hollow flute I am in Thy hands No ego, no envy, no pride The warmth of Your hands is my peace I delight in knowing my place is in Thy hands A hollow flute I am in Thy hands
  • INDEX OF BHAJANS - saidarshan. org
    BHAJANS IN ENGLISH 0: All Bhajans: 1: A hollow flute I am in Thy hands: 2: A temple in my heart, a prayer in my soul
  • STATUS - Spices Board
    STATUS OF APPLICATION RECEIVED FOR LICENSING AND REGISTRATION Incomplete application will be rejected in 15 days time

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