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  • Elections in Sierra Leone - Wikipedia
    Elections in Sierra Leone are held on a national level to elect the president and the unicameral Parliament Sierra Leone has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties Both the president and the members of Parliament are elected for five-year terms
  • Sierra Leonean general election, 2018 - Wikipedia
    General elections were held in Sierra Leone on 7 March 2018 to elect the President, Parliament and local councils Incumbent President Ernest Bai Koroma did not run for another term, as he was constitutionally ineligible, having served the maximum ten years in office
  • Parliament of Sierra Leone - Wikipedia
    Parliament of Sierra Leone is the legislative branch of the government of Sierra Leone It is principally responsible for making laws The Sierra Leone parliament consists of 146 members, of which 132 members are directly elected from across Sierra Leone's 16 Districts The Parliament is led by the Speaker
  • Sierra Leonean parliamentary election, 1982 - Wikipedia
    Parliamentary elections were held in Sierra Leone on 1 May 1982 They were the first elections since the country had become a one-party state under the 1978 constitution, with the All People's Congress being the sole legal party
  • Sierra Leone - Wikipedia
    Sierra Leone's two most dominant parties, the APC and the SLPP, collectively won every elected seats in Parliament in the 2012 Sierra Leone parliamentary election
  • Sierra Leonean general election, 1962 - Wikipedia
    General elections were held in Sierra Leone in May 1962, just over a year after the country gained independence from the United Kingdom The first to be held under universal suffrage, they were won by the ruling Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP), although his party received fewer votes than independent candidates
  • Sierra Leonean general election, 1924 - Wikipedia
    General elections were held in Sierra Leone Colony and Protectorate for the first time on 28 October 1924 The National Congress of British West Africa won all three seats
  • Politics of Sierra Leone - Wikipedia
    Sierra Leone is divided into provinces, districts, and chiefdoms Sierra Leone has 3 rural provinces, plus a capital city administrative province There are then 14 districts - 12 rural, 2 for the capital Freetown Sierra Leone is further divided into 149 chiefdoms The chiefdoms are hereditary, tribal units of local governance

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