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  • California Energy Commission
    The California Energy Commission provides access to data on energy production, consumption, research, conservation and use in California, as well as information on renewable energy, and thermal power plant licensing
  • Council for Exceptional Children
    Standards As the recognized leader for special education professional standards, CEC develops standards, ethics and practices and guidelines to ensure that individuals with exceptionalities have access to well-prepared, career-oriented special educators
  • Commission for Environmental Cooperation | Three countries . . .
    CEC receives a submission on a tourism development project in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • HDMI - Wikipedia
    HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a proprietary audio video interface for transmitting uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data from an HDMI-compliant source device, such as a display controller, to a compatible computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device HDMI is a digital replacement for analog video standards
  • Home - CEC Electronica S. R. L.
    Nos eligen los profesionales más exigentes del sector por la solidez de nuestra marca y la confiabilidad de nuestros productos
  • CEC | Personal Protection | Gloves | Footwear | Protective . . .
    Controlled Environments Company is the leading supplier of health, safety and hygiene products in Ireland with over two decades of experience in sourcing and providing quality, reliable products
  • CEC Controls Company, Inc.
    CEC Controls Company, Inc is a leader in Industrial and Process Control Systems Integration committed to providing the superior product you expect and the quality you deserve Our state-of-the-art facility, coupled with an experienced staff, helps to ensure that our products are on-time, defect free and continuously improving CEC Controls is a full service System Integration facility capable
  • Combined Electronics Corporation
    This nifty little device controls the VCR so that it only records when there is movement The VMR-116 will work on any Video Cassette Recorder with an AV input and an Infrared remote The unit detects movement from the video information, therefore no external movement detector is required

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