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  • Aswathama Exists – Ashwathama Seen By People – Ashwathama . . .
    Ashwathama Alive – Ashwathama Seen By People, personal accounts shared Due to ambiguity of english language, Ashwathama is spelled differently Aswathama was cursed to roam in Kaliyuga due to his sinful deed of killing innocent 5 sons of Draupadi, wife of Pandavas Prarabdh and What is Ashwatthama’s Prarabdh ?
  • List of people claimed to be immortal in myth and legend . . .
    This is a list of people claimed to be immortal This list does not reference purely spiritual entities (spirits, gods, demons, angels), non-humans (monsters, aliens, elves), or artificial life (artificial intelligence, robots) This list comprises people claimed to achieve a deathless existence on Earth

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