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  • Glossary:M - Marvel Universe Wiki: The definitive online . . .
    M-Body The Living Fractals are a species that reside in the Dimension of Manifestations and is capable of shaping themselves in an infinite manner They served as M-Bodies for the abstract beings of the omniverse that had no physical forms See: Anomaly, Death, Epoch, Eternity, the In-Betweener, Infinity, Kronos, the Living Tribunal, Lord Chaos, Master Order, Mistress Love, Sire Hate, Oblivion
  • Category:Civil War - Marvel Universe Wiki: The definitive . . .
    The key players in the Marvel Civil War! Whose side are you on?
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe - Wikipedia
    The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe that is centered on a series of superhero films, independently produced by Marvel Studios and based on characters that appear in American comic books published by Marvel Comics The franchise has expanded to include comic books, short films, television series, and digital series
  • Captain Marvel (DC Comics) - Wikipedia
    In 1966, M F Enterprises produced their own Captain Marvel: an android superhero from another planet whose main characteristic was the ability to split his body into several parts, each of which could move on its own He triggered the separation by shouting "Split!" and reassembled himself by shouting "Xam!" He had a young human ward named Billy Baxton
  • Iron Man – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia
    Iron Man (alter ego Anthony Edward „Tony” Stark) – fikcyjna postać (superbohater) znana z licznych serii komiksowych wydawanych przez Marvel Comics, oraz różnych adaptacji, bazujących na komiksowych publikacjach Jego twórcami są scenarzyści Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, oraz rysownicy Don Heck i Jack Kirby, zadebiutował on w magazynie Tales of Suspense vol 1 #39 (marzec 1963)

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